Thursday, September 18, 2014

Efficient Indianapolis Heating and Cooling Starts with Smart Choices

Most of these tips require the help of professional contractors for correct implementation. First, there’s the need for proper maintenance. Efficient heating and cooling for Greenwood residences and other homes in Indiana will require equipment that is in prime condition. This means that HVAC filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly. Additionally, furnaces and AC units should be tuned up and checked on before their peak seasons of usage, specifically summer and winter. Second, have a programmable thermostat installed. Being able to automatically set the temperature of your furnace during winter and your air conditioner during summer can save energy and money. There’s no need to worry about manually turning knobs or pressing buttons to keep the temperature at a comfortable setting when you’re away or sleeping; programming the thermostat will make it easier to maintain room temperatures at an ideal range.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prepare Your Heating and Cooling Systems for a Coming Frigid Winter

For Indiana residents, there are several ways in which a reliable company such as Bri-Tech Heating and Cooling that focuses on equipment for heating and cooling in Franklin or other areas would be able to help prepare your heating system for the onslaught of winter weather. First, HVAC professionals can fix leaks. The heating ducts that bring the warm air from your furnace to the various parts of your home are prone to damage, which then make it difficult for rooms to be adequately heated. It’s been noted that sealing off leaks can result in a 20% improvement in efficiency. Second, HVAC technicians can look over your HVAC unit and see if there are any potential problems. Most HVAC units can operate up to 20 years before needing replacement, however, the daily wear-and-tear can mean they aren’t operating at peak efficiency.