Friday, November 14, 2014

Improving and Maintaining Systems for Heating and Cooling in Indiana

Heating and cooling systems can be costly to keep running, but homeowners are encouraged to find ways to make the most out of their systems. The Indiana Public Media website has a report posted last October 24, 2014 that reveals that the state of Indiana is losing its Energy Efficiency program, prompting the state to find a new solution to address energy concerns. The original program gave affordable solutions to homeowners that could drastically cut down on their energy expenses, which the report elucidated on.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Well-Maintained Heating and Cooling Can Help Save on Energy Expenses

Both heating and cooling systems are incredibly useful during periods of severe temperature, although the costs to keep them running can be discouraging to homeowners looking to save. A feature on the Washington Post website dated October 31, 2014 discusses how the observance of Daylight Savings Time actually adversely affects the way people use heating and cooling systems. The article stresses that the observance forced people to rely more on their heating and cooling systems during time periods when they could just be asleep. The article then cites a study conducted in the state of Indiana last 2005 that saw a sharp spike in energy use for indoor climate control systems.