Sunday, June 28, 2015

Heating and Cooling Advice: Things to Consider for HVAC Installation

The energy efficiency of an HVAC system starts at installation. It’s a shocking fact that nearly half of all heating and cooling units in U.S. residences don’t perform as well as they should because of improper installation. Your first installation concern should be to only purchase units that have the ENERGY STAR label on them to make sure that they are up to the latest standards in energy efficiency. Here are some pieces of advice for proper heating and cooling installation that every homeowner should consider. Right Size of Equipment When looking at energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, you should not have a “bigger is better” mentality. This is a common mistake that consumers make and it usually ends with high-energy consumption bills and uncomfortable homes. To make sure that your home is properly heated and cooled, an Indianapolis heating and cooling contractor should take necessary measurements of your home to determine the right size of equipment.

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