Friday, June 26, 2015

Indianapolis Heating and Cooling Tips: Fix Faulty Ducts to Save Energy

Above your head and beneath your feet lies one of the most important heating and cooling element in your home – the duct system. Every house that has an HVAC system in place relies on the ducts to provide a path for the air to flow in order to reach every room. According to the U.S. Department of energy, 30 percent of an average home’s cooling and heating is lost due to faulty ductwork. Your home might actually be using up more energy than it should. To remedy that, you need the help of Indianapolis heating and cooling contractors. Seal and Insulate Nothing raises energy bills more than a leak in the duct system. You might not even know that it’s happening but when you start to feel that your HVAC system is doing a poor job of heating or cooling, it might be a red flag for duct problem. You should make sure that your duct system is airtight by hiring an HVAC contractor to do an inspection and seal the cracks.

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